Viel Richardson

Espresso cups.jpg

My interest in photography started one summer when I took my brand new 35mm Nikon to the Lake District, one of the most beautiful parts of England. After a week of happily snapping away and an excited couple of days waiting for the prints to arrive, I eagerly tore open the envelope when it finally arrived. I was staggered by the results, but for all the wrong reasons. How could those beautiful, atmospheric, richly coloured vistas, I could still easily imagine, become such dull flat uninteresting images of nothingness. No feel, no atmosphere, no sense of place. What happened?

I knew they didn’t have to look like this. Every day I saw fantastic pictures of beautiful landscapes staring out at me from dozens of magazines. I decided to try and find out what I had done wrong, how could I make my pictures look like those. I believed that I was starting on the path to taking better pictures. In reality it has been a journey about learning how to see. That was over twenty years ago. I’m still travelling now, and I’m still loving the trip.